3 Computer Networking Tips From a Professional Computer Networking Service in Atlanta, GA

Minimize the Risk of an Attack on Your Computer

Many businesses rely on a solid network for daily operations and to complete business functions. Follow these computer networking tips from a professional computer networking service provider to minimize the risk of an attack and improve operational efficiency.

Minimize Administrator Accounts

When setting up your network, do not use administrator accounts for daily activities. Doing so increases the vulnerability and risk of being attacked, especially while accessing the internet and viewing emails. In order to effectively install malware, a hacker needs access to an administrator account. To mitigate these risks, follow our computer networking tip of creating standard accounts for daily use and only using administrative accounts for software updates, installing hardware, and other system changes.

Use Strong Passwords

With the increase in cyber-attacks, it is important for companies to mitigate the risk and protect their data. Applying our computer networking tip of using strong passwords is simple, but often overlooked. Each and every device on a network from the computer to the printer should be configured with a strong password. When choosing a password, make sure it is at least eight characters long with mixed-case letters, symbols, and numbers. Also, avoid names and words to make the password stronger.

Keep your network secure

These computer networking tips will help improve network security. Once your network is set up, make sure the administrator turns on the firewall, wireless encryption, and VPN to enable remote access. If your business operates with remote employees, it is important to ensure network security.

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